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VIDEO - Western Flyer Restoration + Ventana Surfboards

Western Flyer Foundation video by Chris Chase 


VIDEO - STARBUCKS Presents: "The Art of the Craft"


TV SHOW - Handcrafted America on April 26, 2016

Handcrafted America - Episode 10: INSP Network

Now streaming on Amazon Prime: Episode 10, Season 1  


FEATURE - Adventure Sports Journal

Adventure Sports Journal: Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards: Form, Function and Sustainability by Aloe Driscoll


Podcast - The Temple of Surf, Episode 12, Series 5

Temple of Surf Podcast with Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards by The Temple of Surf Podcast



FEATURE - The Surfer's Journal, Issue 26.3

The Surfer's Journal Issues 26.3

Quiver Me Timbers by Maxwell Klinger



DOCUMENTARY - Western Flyer Foundation

Western Flyer documentary

Western Flyer documentary by Adam Laiben



NEWSCAST - KSBW Action News 8

Central Coast surfboard company making eco-friendly products: KSBW Action News 8



PODCAST- The Kyle Thiermann Show

Ventana Surfboards - Martijn Stiphout & David Dennis by Kyle Thiermann



FEATURE - Four Seasons Magazine

Ventana in Four Seasons Magazine

Ventana Surfboards by Karen Rhodes



NEWS - Monterey Herald

Surfboards with a literary connection by Yasemin Saplakoglu


BLOG POST - Event Santa Cruz

Event Santa Cruz Blog

Top Five Reasons Why Ventana Surfboards is One of Our Favorite Santa Cru Brands by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz



PODCAST- Stupid Beautiful

Building a Life You Love with Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis by Travis Day



FEATURE - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Microsoft director translates his love of the sea into handcrafted surfboards by Rosellen "Rosie" Downey with photo by Vicki Thompson



PODCAST- Your Next Big Thing

David Dennis: Living Your Values - Surf, Tech, and Photography by Neal Metzler



PODCAST- Beyond the Buoy

Beyond the Buoy podcast

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies podcast by Zachariah Rollins



RADIO SHOW - Event Santa Cruz Radio Show on KSQD 90.7

Interviews with Ventana and Ventana partners with music from Carolyn Sills by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz



PODCAST- The Hero's Journey: Social Impact Leaders in Business

The Hero's Journey by Avni Creates - Ventana Surfboards

Artisanship, responsibility, adventure by Avni Creates



INTERVIEW - Event Santa Cruz

Interview with Ventana co-founder, David Dennis by Matt Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz



NEWS - 90.3 KAZU NPR for the Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz Surfboard Makers Say China Tariffs Won't Make A Big Splash by Erika Mahoney



ARTICLE - Lookout Santa Cruz

Ventana Surfboards + Lookout Santa Cruz

The reclamation of the past dreams by Johanna Hickle




Meet Martijn Stiphout - Ventana Surfboards - VoyageLA

Meet Martijn Stiphout by VoyageLA




ShoutOut LA

Meet David Dennis by ShoutOut LA



BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Works

Santa Cruz Works

Ventana's David Dennis on Creating an Engaging, Authentic Social Media Strategy by Cat Johnson



BLOG POST - Visit Santa Cruz

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards. Photo by Molly Ressler

A Surfer, Skater, and Glassmaker Give Scrap Material a Second Life by Molly Ressler



PODCAST - Shopify Masters Ventana Surfboards

How Instagram Brings Ventana Surfboards a Wave of Sales by Felix Thea



VIDEO - Sharing the Ride

Sharing the Ride by FreeSoul Projects



AWARD - Save Our Shores Ocean Business of the Year 2015

Ocean Business of the Year 2015 by Save Our Shores



INTERVIEW - Martijn Stiphout with Craig Jones of The Wave Clock


 Interview about Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Craig Jones



BLOG POST - Shopify Feature

How This California Pair Built a High-End Surf Brand with Upcycled Wood Scraps

How This California Pair Built a High-End Surf Brand with Upcycled Wood Scraps by Nicole Clark




David Dennis - ShoutoutLA

Meet David Dennis | Co-founder of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Shoutout LA



BLOG POST - Starter Story

Ventana on Story Starter

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: Collector Surfboards and more by Pat Walls



PODCAST - The Impact Entrepreneur Show

Bootstrapping a Positive Change by Mike Flynn of The Impact Entrepreneur Show



BLOG POST - Lucky Brand Clover Journal

Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards & Supplies by Lucky Brand



ARTICLE  - Content Magazine

Content Magazine + Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: Surfboards that tell a story by Katie Shiver with photos by Stan Olszewski




MiiR + Ventana Surfboards

Weekend Agenda: Designing Function Art with Ventana Surfboards by Dalton Johnson



AWARD - Hop Culture Magazine

Ventana Maple Dawn Patrol by Humble Sea award from Hop Culture Magazine

The 20 Best Beers to Drink this Winter by Hop Culture Magazine



PRESENTATION - Blue Tech at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup


Old Craftsmanship Meets New Technology by David Dennis
Video shot by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz



PODCAST - Misogi Radio

Misogi Method Radio

Interview with David Dennis by Jody B. Miller of Misogi News Network



FEATURE - Santa Cruz Waves

Santa Cruz Waves - Ventana Handplanes

Hands Down Pure Fun - Ventana Handplanes by Neal Kearney



 VIDEO - Crafted in Santa Cruz

Ventana - Crafted in Santa Cruz

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies by Crafted in Santa Cruz



VIDEO -  Lost Coast Adventure - Ventana + Tepui Tents + Santa Cruz Waves

Lost Coast Tepui Adventure from Michael Horn




Short Life Lessons - David Dennis -

Short Life Lessons from David Dennis by



 VIDEO - This is How We Cruz

"This is How We Cruz" by Event Santa Cruz and Visit Santa Cruz



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Ocean Dream Fair

Quick Bites: Ocean-themed food truck and craft fair by Tara Fatemi Walker



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Business Digest: Oasis, Ventana, Pelican House host Ocean Affair this weekend


Quick Bites: Oasis hosts Island Conservation fundraiser by Tara Fatemi Walker



PRESENTATION - Event Santa Cruz: Our Ocean

Ventana's Business Approach by David Dennis
Video shot by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz



RADIO - Artist on Art

David Dennis & Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards



VIDEO - TEDx Santa Cruz Talk by David Dennis: Don't Quit Your Day Job

 David Dennis: TEDx Santa Cruz



BLOG POST - Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins + Ventana Surfboards

Ventana Surfboards: Functional, Unique Works of Art by Entropy Resins



BLOG POST - The 7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Creators

Entropy Resins + Ventana Surfboards

The 7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Creators by Entropy Resins



RADIO - Think Local First Radio with Matthew Swinnerton

NEXTies Award Winners: Martijn Stiphout and more



BLOG POST - Surfboards made from reclaimed wood

Surfboards made from reclaimed wood by Karmactive



RADIO - Think Local First Radio with Matthew Swinnerton

David Dennis of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies



RADIO - KUSP Reports: Environment

Blog post and audio interviews with Martijn Stiphout by JD Hillard



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Ventana Humble Sea

Quick Bites: Brewery, surf company collaborate on pale ale



VIDEO BLOG - Humble Sea Brewing Co.

 Ventana Spruce Pale Ale by Humble Sea Brewing Company



AWARD - ECOBOARD Project Gold Verification from Sustainable Surf

ECOBOARD Project Gold

ECOBOARD Project Gold Verification



NEWS - Good Times Weekly

Who's NEXTie? Martijn Stiphout by Amanda Edwards



NEWS - San Francisco Chronicle

Ventana Surfboards: Seaworthy art by Maria Gaura with photos by Jason Henry



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel article about Ocean's Edge

Fair pilots standard for green events by Calvin Men with photos by Kevin Johnson



BLOG POST - Inspired By This

Inspired by This

10 Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding (Ventana Save-A-Surf Box featured as Groomsman's Gift) by IBT Girls with Photography by Brooke Borough



INTERVIEW - LaunchBasket

Ventana on LaunchBasket
An interview with Ventana Surfboards co-founder, David Dennis 



NEWS - Good Times Weekly

Green Swell: Local surfboard company greens up the industry with an eco-conscious business model by Haven Livingston



NEWS - Carmel Pine Cone

Carmel Pine Cone on Ventana Steinbeck Surfboar

Hang ten on a piece of history with the most literary surfboard (see Page 21) by Elaine Hesser



BLOG POST - Joyride by Joie de Vivre Hotels

Dawn Patrol



BLOG POST - Shopify Success Stories

How to sell surfboards online



BLOG POST - The Scuttlefish

A Surfboard Made from John Steinbeck’s House? Ventana Surfboards and Supplies Brings Historic California Back to Life in Their Upcycled Products by Carolyn Sotka



NEWS - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Just Add Water: Ventana, a window into wooden surfboards by Haven Livingston



FEATURE - Santa Cruz Record

Ventana Social Media Tips

David Dennis's 30 Social Media Takeaways from the 82% Micro Business Summit (SEE PAGE 3) by Cat Johnson



Just Add Water: Surfers' Winter Wishes by Haven Livingston



BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Tech Beat

Q&A: David Dennis -- living a well balanced life by Sara Isenberg, Editor-in-Chief



BLOG POST - Santa Cruz Economic Development Office

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies: A Reclaimed Perspective on Craftsmanship by Rebecca Unitt



NEWS - Monterey County Weekly

Surf's Upcycled: Local craftsman builds custom surfboards from reclaimed materials





Hang It Up, Other Guys - There's A New Surf Company In Santa Cruz by Susan C. Schena



New Leaf Partners with Ventana Surfboards & Supplies to Support Ocean Conservation by Susan C. Schena



PRESENTATION - "Event Santa Cruz" Non-Starving Artists Night at "Design by Cosmic"

Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies



PRESENTATION - Pecha Kucha @ Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Making Ventana Surfboards a PechaKucha Presentation



BLOG POST - Feature by The Surf Office

Friends from the hood: Ventana Surfboards



RADIO AD - Ventana's Latest Advertisement for Off the Lip Radio

Listen to the latest Ventana Surfboards & Supplies Radio Ad



VIDEO - Santa Cruz Waves Live

Santa Cruz Waves Live featuring Neil Pearlberg and Tyler Fox

About Us
  • Ventana Surfboards & Supplies has the highest bars for artisanship and environmental responsibility. We create hollow-framed, reclaimed wood surfboards; bodysurfing handplanes; eco surf apparel, and sustainable surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere. The Ventana team lives and works in Santa Cruz, California where we test our products on some of the most challenging waves on the planet. Ventana donates at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation.

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